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The Adventures of Panzer is a story-driven Action Platform game, featuring 5 unique levels with different minibosses, trash monsters and main bosses. Each level has a unique theme and original music to accompany it. You play the role of Panzer, the former General of a raid team with a…colorful… past.  Panzer has several weapons at his disposal including a melee attack, projectiles, and healing abilities.  Although all of his abilities cost mana to use (with the exception of his melee attack), Mana can be restored by killing mini bosses and grabbing "Mana pot" pickups scattered throughout the game.


Legendary retired raid leader Panzer and his trusty sidekick Blarghe attempt to reunite with their former comrades to undertake a momentous mission. Unfortunately, after 10 long years apart, the old crew may not be happy to see them! Join Panzer and Blarghe for five unique levels of incredible platforming action! Journey through Mecha-Grokk's Bandit Cave, Vespeto’s Dinosaur Jungle and even Pugna's Warlock Castle. Use both physical melee and magic projectile attacks to crush your enemies! Fight monsters and mini-bosses, avoid bats and spiders, and dodge arrows and magic spells to rescue… or possibly kidnap... Panzer's former raid members!


The Adventures of Panzer was funded with Kickstarter! Funded at over 600% of the production goals with over 380 backers! Check out the original campaign page:



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https://www.facebook.com/TheAdventuresOfPanzer            https://www.instagram.com/adventuresofpanzer/

Version History:

Public Full Version Release 1.5 (18/07/2022)

  1.  fixed bug that allowed the player to fall through the floor
  2. basic optimizations 

Public Full Version Release 1.4 (17/06/2022)

  1.  Damage flicker bug fixed.

Public Full Version Release 1.3 (7/09/2021)

  1.  Full Version of game added for public Purchase.

Kickstarter Full Version Release 1.3 (1/09/2021)

  1.  Full Version of game added for Kickstarter backers.

Demo Version 1.2 (29/07/2021)

  1.  Added another checkpoint before Water Platforming area.
  2.  Added Optional Dialog for gameplay tutorial before first Mini.

Demo Version 1.1 (17/07/2021)

  1.  Fixed issue with Archers capping the amount of objects on one scrolling edge..
  2.  Attempted to fix seam Garbage issue.
  3.  Added additional Monsters to second scroll se


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Instruction Manual V4.pdf 20 MB
The Advenutres of Panzer V1.6.nes.nes 512 kB

Download demo

The Adventures of Panzer DEMO V1.2.nes 512 kB

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How do we report issues with spelling/grammar in the game? (the use of "then" instead of "than", etc.)

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The discord would probably be the best place ,)


Running v1.5 on Mesen 0.9.9 or 2.0.0. Title screen is scrambled. Everything else appears fine. Demo title screen is ok.

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Thank you for reporting this - I'll take a look and see what the scoop is.

I was able to reproduce the glitch but oddly enough it seems to not happen after a reset.

Think I have addressed the issue. Not sure why it decided to start but it appears to be gone. 

Looks perfect now! Thanks for the quick response! Really enjoying the game and looking forward to trying out AoP II.

If you like this style of humour and gameplay; Panzer 2 will be your jam. this was my first attempt at coding a game so Its a little more raw. Panzer 2 improve on everything that worked in this one and added a TON of features that I think make it very special :)

I discovered this project a little late, it seems. I just downloaded the demo, and this is a standout title- it is immediately and consistently fun! The minutiae feel great from the player's end, from the jump mechanics to the basic sword attack, and care in balancing means that the initial ease these mechanics present can also create vulnerabilities in higher pressure situations.

So, since I missed the bus, will there be a "retail" release of CIBs or cartridges after the kickstarter fulfillment? This is a title that deserves to be collected- thank you!

thanks for all the kind words Brianbone! Part of the Kickstarter was to include  handful of CIB after campaign sets which will be available on the website when production completes www.pixelcraftgames.com :)

Full version now available to the public!

hellooo! i've been following this on insta and the demo looks cool so far!

Thanks, StudioTBP! I should have the full version up in a couple days for everyone :)

Can't download the Full Version Release V1.3. Only download option is for Demo V1.2.


Hey Gus, I was preparing V1.3 but that will be a paid version. 

I'm still sorting out the Kickstarter backers keys before it releases to the Public. Hoping next week it will be live! :)

I can’t wait for the release! I have controllers set aside just for throwing during the boss fights >.>

omg… haha 

Thanks for the feedback guys! Some new bugs were presented which have been squashed! :D